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UPVC profiles referred to as plastic, the main chemical composition is PVC, is also called the pvc profile. Is widely used as a new type of building material. Due to its physical properties such as rigidity, elasticity, corrosion resistance and aging resistance, it is generally used as a good substitute for non-ferrous metals such as copper, zinc and aluminum. In the housing construction is mainly used for sliding, sliding doors, fence, pipe and ceiling materials.

Energy-saving insulation:

UPVC profile multi-chamber structure, good thermal insulation properties, low heat transfer coefficient, the steel is only 1/357, 1/1250 aluminum, which is a huge economic and social benefits.

Upvc profile thermal conductivity far less than the type of aluminum, the other multi-cavity structure design is to achieve the effect of thermal insulation. Research shows that in the same type of summer, the indoor temperature of the room with plastic-steel windows and doors is 5-7 ℃ lower than the room with aluminum doors and windows, and 8-15 ℃ higher in different areas in winter.

Benefit vs. cost:

The following 4 points shows the advantages of plastic profiles used in construction.


• Affordable: More cost-effective than aluminum, wood, and steel with equivalent performance.

• Recyclability: All Upvc profiles are recyclable to reduce environmental pollution.

• Energy-saving : Has a good thermal insulation properties, heat transfer coefficient low, only steel 1/4.5, aluminum 1/8..

• Corrosion resistance: Has good corrosion resistance, can not be achieved by other materials.

Low maintenance costs:

Plastic doors and windows with excellent performance of the physical substitution can be widely used in windy places, rain, heat, cold and corrosive gases and other harsh environments, is more ideal and reliable building doors and windows.


Use UPVC, maintenance only need to use warm soapy water to wipe, you can ensure beautiful windows and doors as new.


Compared to wooden windows - they need to be patched regularly, which is very time-consuming and costly. Aluminum windows that discolor and oxidize when exposed to the sun often require professional cleaners and coatings to recover.

Service life:

Plastic profile with a unique formula to improve its cold resistance.


Plastic steel windows and doors can be used for a long time in a large temperature difference between the environment (-50 ℃ ~ 70 ℃), sun exposure, moisture will not make it appear deterioration, aging, embrittlement and so on.


The first steel doors and windows have been used for 30 years, the material intact, according to projections, under normal conditions, the life of steel doors and windows up to 50 years

Waterproof and fireproof :

Upvc profiles have a unique waterproof feature that can be used for a long period of time in humid environments without mold, decay and will not deform even in water for more than 10 years.


Upvc window and door due to the unique multi-chamber structure of steel profiles, there is a separate drainage cavity, all water can be effectively discharged.


Upvc profiles also have a unique fire-resistant material that is non-flammable, non-flammable, self-extinguishing, and safe.

In buildings are widely used in the production of windows and doors, high-quality Upvc materials to Europe and the United States to achieve high standards