A . customized generous conditions:

1. Pre-sale services: Sales will follow standardized service regulations and realistic interpretation of pvc profiles customized for the customer-related advice, and to provide effective professional answers.

2, PVC profile customization process: Product Overview negotiations - Product Design Analysis - Optimization of design - making drawings and confirmation - Build the mould- sample production and confirm - Performance Testing - Production Order

3, Price: according to customer-supplied the sample shape, size, material, color, quantity and other related needs, and our company pvc profiles made expressly provided, together to work out the price.

4, product specifications: products made according to customer specifications, and our non-standard custom professional engineering and technical personnel in consultation talks, obtain product specifications and reasonable solution.

5. Material Technology: based on the environment and the use of the customer's product requirements, engineers will give the most suitable product material, samples will be according to the material requirements of production, and allow customers to test and confirm the material. Process improvement, quality assurance.

6. Applications: plastic shaped Caineng replace most of the metal profiles, widely used in construction, Gutter sink, drainage facilities, equipment components, Doors & Windows, indoor and outdoor decoration, and other occasions.          
7, the production cycle: Mould - sample production period based on the size and material of the process to the product design, the general length of 15 to 30 days; orders production period is generally based on orders, typically in 7 to 15 days; specific length of time can contact the relevant technical staff or project manager.

8, packaging: packaging standards for the quality of the PE bag, the number of products each package according to product size, or according to the customer's packaging requirements.

9, product shipments: We are equipped with professional warehouse management and sales personnel, for each product, each package materials quantitative statistics during the delivery, to ensure that customers receive a complete and consistent quantity of goods.

10. Service: The company with someone regularly customer visits, customer care intentions to products currently in use, are taken care of customer needs and questions.

B. The advantage of ZHONGYING Plastic profiles custom:

ZHONGYING Pvc profiles manufactory is a focus on the design of upvc profile production enterprises, located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province; has 15 advanced automated production lines. Division I uphold the professional spirit of innovation, we have more than 20 years experience in plastic profile production design professionals, careful to provide the best engineering customized solutions for each customer.

Discuss orders from product design to production, to after-sales service, ZHONGYING have wholeheartedly into it, did not adulterated. We truly integrate customer feedback, with a professional attitude to provide quality plastic profiles customized services for customers.

ZHONGYING focused on the development of production of plastic profiles, products and services ranging upvc window profiles, custom plastic profile, PVC, etc. marble moldings. Years of experience engineering experience, has provided custom plastic profiles for multiple areas of domestic and international sales and service mark of the construction, the Royal Palace, the hotel lighting, municipal engineering, airports, real estate and so on.


ZHONGYING Thanks to our customers for their support and love, with more than ten years of sales experience accumulated plastic material designed to become well-known custom manufacturer of plastic profiles. We will continue to flourish, passing the "intention of manufacturing, and dedicated service" concept of service to make custom-engineered for the purpose to share, recognize the highest standards of value to the customer, top-notch brand custom plastic profiles.